This page contains info for prospective sponsors and sponsors who have already signed on. Thanks for taking the time to read through this stuff!


Making comics has always been a collaborative art form. For many creators, the process of working with a team to bring a story to life is the most rewarding part of the experience. 5x5 Fest is our way of promoting collaboration among indie comic creators. We believe the constraints (time limit, page count, and required use of prop, setting, and dialogue) will create a fun and challenging way to exercise creative teamwork.

Our promise is to make sure all the comic creators and readers getting involved with our 5x5 Fest know about your company and your contributions to the comic community. We are always posting on social media, not just about our projects, but the projects of judges and sponsors as well. Plus our email list and podcast can bring even more attention to your company.

Our 2017 Competition was a huge success with over 300 submissions from all over the world. We had some amazing judges and sponsors come on board. You can read a recap of the 2017 Competition HERE. We think 5x5 Fest will continue to grow our reach.


As a sponsor there are several ways we could use your help.

CONTRIBUTE TO OUR PRIZES. Depending on your business, this could be merchandise, discounts, reviews/feedback, or simply add to our cash prize.

HELP US OUT WITH MARKETING. We've grown our reach since we launched earlier this year, but we are still a very new company. If we can advertise on your site, or use your resources to gain a wider audience, it would be a big help. If you've got a wide social media reach, a couple tweets can go a long way.

LET'S GET CREATIVE. If you can think of some other way we can work together, let us know. We're eager to partner up with all kinds of companies in the comics-related industry.