This page contains info for prospective judges and judges who have already signed on. Thanks for taking the time to read through this stuff!


If you're a current judge, let us know if the credits we listed are ok. If there is anything specifically you want under your name let us know. And if there is a different photo you'd like to use, send it over and we'll update the page.


Submissions will close August 15th, so we won't need to start the judging process until then. We open submissions on May 15, and we will keep you updated as we go.


We want every judge to choose the amount of comics they are comfortable reading. We don't require any hard commitments. Same goes for categories; if you only want to read one page comics, short stories, single issues, or any combination of the three, that will be totally fine. We are super duper grateful for your participation.


This includes all the comics we receive, the good, the bad, the ugly. We WON'T ask judges to go through these, we'll be sifting through them internally. If you're feeling charitable 🙏, we can send you any amount you're cool with.


These will be the cream of the crop. The top 10 comics in each category. This is where YOU come in. We will divvy these up amongst the judges, making sure that every comic gets multiple readers. Judges rate the comics 1 to 10 and then the scores are averaged to get a final score.

From the finalists, the top scoring comic will be dubbed WINNER and the second highest score will be RUNNER UP.


Once submissions are open, we will be spreading the word on social media, comic websites, and putting out ads around the webs. If you want to help spread the word, which would be dope, we can keep you in the loop with any promotions we are doing. Any tweets and tags are greatly appreciated. And let us know if there is anything you're working on that you'd like us to share.

If you don't want your name or picture included in the marketing materials, let us know.


Why are we charging money to submit comics?

These startup ideas are fun when you're just brainstorming over tacos, but the costs start to add up fast. After all the expenses, the prize money, the marketing costs, we don't know if we'll break even this first year. We're ok with that because we want Ghost City to grow into something bigger, and any money we make will just go right back into the business. We'd love to have a presence at conventions, do in-person meet-ups, print anthologies of the winning comics, and so many ideas that are currently out of reach.