#06 – David Baron


David Baron has been working in comics for over twenty years. He's colored comics for the biggest publishers, and he's just put out his first creator owned comic, Stained.

David opens up about how the industry has changed over the years, what it's like working with different publishers, and what he'd do if he was trying to break into the industry today. 

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#05 – A Place in the West


Ross Joseph Gardner and Michael Pelletier created the first standalone comic on Steam. Their Half-Life based comic, A Place in the West, comes with mini-comics, commentary tracks, and even a musical score. Their latest issue, Part #3 – The Pit, was just released July 21st.

We talk about being the first comic on a new platform, the pros and cons of basing your story on a video game, and the challenges of translating your comic into multiple languages.

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