This page contains info for prospective sponsors and sponsors who have already signed on. Thanks for taking the time to read through this stuff!


The world of indie comics is bigger than ever. Take a look at some crowdfunding sites and you'll find hundreds of writers and artists launching their self-published comics into the world (there are currently 172 comic projects on Kickstarter). These creators have very few options once they get their comics drawn and printed (we know because we've been through it ourselves). We believe a competition like ours will offer a whole new way for these smaller comics to gain notoriety. We hope the comics competition grows to become a standard in the comics world, as film festivals have become to the filmmaking world.

Our promise is to make sure all the comic creators and readers getting involved with Ghost City know about your company and your contributions to the comic community.


As a sponsor there are several ways we could use your help.

CONTRIBUTE TO OUR PRIZE POOL. Depending on your business, this could be merchandise, discounts, reviews or feedback.

CONTRIBUTE TO THE CASH PRIZE. A larger cash prize will certainly attract more submissions. Making comics without support from a publisher can be costly, so winning some cash could be huge for creators.

HELP US OUT WITH MARKETING. We're a brand new company, so getting the word out is going to be critical. If we can advertise on your site, or use your resources to gain a wider audience, it would be a big help. If you've got a wide social media reach, a couple tweets can go a long way.

LET'S GET CREATIVE. If you can think of some other way we can work together, let us know. We're eager to partner up with all kinds of companies in the comics-related industry.